The Path of the Gods from Agerola to Positano: a world-famous marvel

A very ancient route that crosses the Amalfi Coast between nature and the spectacle of the sea panorama

The Path of the Gods from Agerola to Positano, the most famous trekking trail on the Amalfi Coast

The Path of the Gods starts in Agerola and ends in Positano. The b&b Villa Paradise Resort is located in Agerola, in the province of Naples, a ten-minute walk from the famous path, visible from the b&b's panoramic terraces and sea view rooms.
The Path of the Gods is an incredible path through the nature of the Amalfi Coast and still retains the charm of the myth of Ulysses' Sirens.
Legend has it that it was ploughed by the gods in a race to save Ulysses from the temptations of the three sirens, who bewitched sailors passing through the Li Galli archipelago.
For thousands of years, the Sentiero degli dei (Gods' Path ) has been the only communication route between the villages on the coast, Positano, Praiano and Agerola: an indispensable route for trade and for reaching the fields and vineyards.
Because of the conformation of the territory of the Amalfi coast, its inhabitants were sailors in summer and farmers in winter. The mild climate favoured the cultivation of various products on the terraces, which over the centuries were made with sweat and toil.
In ancient times, temples stood along the path of the gods, later replaced by cenobi, some of which are still visible clinging to the rock.

Treat yourself to the extraordinary experience of walking the Path of the Gods from our b&b in Agerola, to Positano, after enjoying our included breakfast full of fresh Agerola produce.